A smart dispenser that
fills from the bottom

High speed, hands free, waste free cup filling with a rapid ROI. ReverseTap is an innovative fill from the bottom beer dispensing system that eliminates waste, increases speed of service & increases profitability.


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99% Keg yield & hands-free auto filling

Beer can minimize wasted because it comes up without breaking down. Because you can see the beer come up automatically, you also save labor costs.

Fills a glass perfectly within 7 seconds

Fill the cup faster speeds than conventional tabs, easy for anyone to discharge a certain amount at the same rate, giving you higher sales and higher margins.

99% keg yield & almost no waste

7 seconds fill time

Auto-fill technology reduces labor costs

Multiple fill sizes for different sized cups

Built in flow meter with ounces poured display

Not just for beer – can fill any kegged beverages