The Growler Station Founders

Tony Lane

President / Co-Founder

Beginning his journey in the beer and beverage industry as an engineer and designer back in 1991, Tony would’ve never guessed he’d be where he is today. Being in the industry for so long, with a focus on craft beer for 15 years, has given Tony the insight and knowledge to be the spokesman for craft beer today if he really wanted to. Instead, his long term business partner and himself teamed up with two brewpub owners and put his skills in sales and marketing to good use, thus bringing The Growler Station to life. Tony is a family man and exercise enthusiast, when he is not devoting his time to related activities he is in the office conducting daily corporate business operations, creating endless opportunities in the ever growing Craft Beer industry, while continuing to take this company off its feet in all the right ways.

John O’Connell

Exec. VP / Co-Founder

John has been in the industry since he was 18 years old. You don’t want to know how long ago that was, but it has trained him to be the expert that he is today. With a long history in the food and beverage industry, from owning and operating restaurants and bars and everything in between, he knows his stuff. When throwing John into the mix with the innovative Growler concept, he immediately knew it was big. He wanted to use this concept to revolutionize the way beer was served, and with the help of the three other founding members, that’s exactly what he did. In addition to creating opportunities and partnerships for The Growler Station with major retailers and industry companies, John oversees company sales and business development in all of its forms. John makes sure that the customers know that we are here to stay, and only plan to grow on the way.

The Da Silva Brothers


Mark and Bill Da Silva are the two brew pub owners who have been with us since the beginning. Breaking into the food and beverage industry at a young age has provided them with extreme capabilities and accomplishments. With the combination of overseeing R&D and test runs of new products and procedures, the brothers have made their lasting mark here at The Growler Station.

Departmental Contacts

Judy Rackauckas

Office Manager



Project Manager



National Sales


Sales/Marketing Project Manager



Customer Service