Fast, foam-free, and fresh from the keg each time

The Pegas CrafTap Smart is an advanced automated counter pressure filling system which pressurizes the fill with Co2, purging oxygen out of glass and metal growlers. The advanced automation speeds up the whole fill process, resulting in an enhanced overall customer experience.


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Less than 2%
waste per keg

Compared to regular tap, which wastes 25% to 35%, the CrafTap Smart is uniquely designed to ensure a high quality fill, maintaining integrity from keg to consumption.

Compatible with glass, plastic AND stainless steel growlers

CrafTap Smart is fits several bottle sizes, with presets up to 3 serving sizes. It’s ready for whatever you want.

Automated Filling

Estimated ROI
3.3 months

Longer freshness
30-45 day shelf life

Oxygen purged
before fill

Fills different
sized growlers

98% Keg yield
Less than 2% waste


Filling Growlers-CrafTap vs. Regular Tap

CrafTap Smart Regular Tap
Estimated waste per keg Less than 2% 25% - 35%
Estimated qty. of growlers (per half barrel keg) 31 21
Estimated shelf life after fill 30 - 45 days 2 days
Oxygen purged from bottle Yes No
Fills from bottom of the growler Yes No
Fills different sizes of growlers Yes Yes
Allows pre-fill before sale (where allowed by state) Yes No
Better customer experience Yes No

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