Beer Wizard Digital Beer Menu System

Completely customizable, secure digital beer menu system

Fully equipped with templates, font styles, and banner options, explore your capabilities and update your menu directly through your dashboard

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Tap into our Database

Have access to over 10,000 craft beers and growing and manage your inventory in just a few simple clicks. You can also have access to the full details for each beer – ABV, IBU, SRM, calorie count and more – as well as create custom tasting notes and overrides names.

Complete customization

Upload your own background graphics, customize font styles, sizes and colors, and create your own custom header and footer banners to match your brand.

Utilize pre-built templates

We have 7 pre-designed templates available for your use with a variety of styles to fit the look and feel of your brand. Within each template, you still have the option to customize fonts, colors, and more.

Get social with our social media integration

Integrate easily with Facebook to push all your menu updates right to your location’s Facebook page. Connect your menu updates to your social media platforms and have constant customer interaction.

A Cloud based digital Eco-System with multi-platform display updates

  1. Log into GS back-end for menu updates
  2. Updates goes to the Cloud
  3. GS Digital Menu box sends update to menu display
  4. Real-time update to menu on store web page
  5. Post sent to social media
  6. Update to on-location Beer Wizard Menu Connect Station
  7. Update to Beer Wizard consumer app

Explore more Beer Wizard features:

The Beer Wizard

Designed with advanced customization and powered by our ever-growing craft beer database

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Menu Connect

The Menu Connect all-in-one app that connects your customers to your Beer Wizard Digital Menu

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Mobile App

The new Beer Wizard app is available on Google Play for all Android devices and the Apple store

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