There are Growlers…
True beer lovers know that a growler is not an upset lion or any other wild interpretation the untrained mind might conjure up. No, a Growler is what is used to carry fresh craft beer home from a brewery. For beer enthusiasts though, a growler is much more than just a simple container…it is a godsend! Growlers, you see are the best way to ensure the fresh from the brewery taste you are looking for, stays fresh–during the trip and right up until your very last sip.

And then there are Growler Station Growlers!
In 2010, two Connecticut Brew Pub owners installed a breakthrough new growler system that would enable them to fill growlers foam free, faster and with no waste. But the best part was that the new process delivered a vastly superior taste of their best craft beers as compared to the standard tap systems commonly filling growlers, giving their brew pub customers a fresher, more enjoyable beer-to-go experience.

Birth of a Station
But that’s not the end of the story…it’s really just the beginning. As fate would have it, two of the pub owners’ patrons were not only good friends, but also a couple of savvy marketers with an impressive track record in the food and beverage industry. Well, when they “tested” the new system (a number of hearty tries mind you); let’s just say more than their taste buds lit up. So when the marketing mavens were informed that this very growler system had launched 16,000 beer-to-go stores in Eastern Europe they were at first surprised. Beer- to- go over there? Not Vodka? Oh well, who knew. Their next thought however was the one that counted. Why not do the same thing here in the good old U.S.A. That day the Growler Station was born and the four friends were joined at the sip.

Assembling the Team–Movers and Shakers and News Breakers
With the best growler system, experienced brew masters and a sure bet concept, it was time to sign the best players in their respective industries to fill out The Growler Station team roster. A beer loving financial wizard was drafted to put the money where the mouths are and start introducing Growler Stations to the beer loving American public nationwide. The next all-star came on board because he knows a fun project when he sees one and likes to be where the action is. The fact that he is also an accomplished brand builder doesn’t hurt either. We are happy to announce that legendary sports journalist Dan Patrick will be in the starting lineup for The Growler Station launch and rollout.

Let the Beer Flow and the Growler Station Grow
The Product, the Process, the Concept and Team is in place. Game on! Here is what is on tap so far. New York City has been granted the first license and will open fall 2011. Additional Growler Stations are planned for South Carolina, Georgia, Washington DC, Upstate New York and Michigan, with more on the drawing board. So, how about you? That’s right we’re talking to you. Interested in joining our team and sharing our passion for business and pleasure (beer)?