The Team

The Team

Tony Lane – Vice President, Visionary

Tony is an engineer by trade but a sales and marketing guru at heart. His engineering background won’t allow him to ever see the glass half empty, which comes in handy in the beer business. Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, to which by the way, Tony is convinced he is somehow related. Early in his career he managed the engineering department, online business and retail channel for Everbrite LLC at their California facility.

In fact, Tony once engineered and designed neon signs for the beer industry, and claims he came up with the name Neon Deion. We’re having Dan Patrick fact checking that one. Brands he designed signs for include Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Corona, Sam Adams, Redhook, Widmer Brothers, Tecate, and Dos Equis. But Tony assures us he now knows The Growler Station is the Sign of the Times.

In 2006 Tony co-founded S3 Consulting. S3 was developed to concentrate on targeted programs for clients looking to enter the big box and home improvement retail arena. S3 has worked with many QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) clients, but focuses on Beer and Beverage.

At S3, Tony has continued working with many of the major breweries, but now specializes in working with Micro and Craft Brewery customers. We know, we know- it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

John O’Connell – Vice President, Product Scholar

John O’Connell, oh you heard us right- O’ Connell. And we thought the same thing, VP of a beer company… a for profit beer company! Don’t worry he is under surveillance.  Plus, John is a seasoned retail sales and marketing executive with tons of experience in the food and beverage industry. Though sometimes he still struggles with the concept of selling beer instead of buying it, seems unnatural to him.

Actually John began his career owning and operating five successful restaurants up and down the east coast of the United States. Leveraging relationships and contacts fostered in the restaurant industry, John launched Fayerweather Distributors. Fayerweather assisted clients by securing nationwide distribution for their brands. John introduced his first client, Imus Ranch Food, to the independent and specialty grocery market. As a result of that successful launch, Fayerweather Distributors was selected as the exclusive distribution arm of Imus Ranch Food in the Tri-state region. With John, and his jovial Irish personality, at the helm, Fayerweather Distributors introduced new products, (over 1000 items), into retail.

In 2002 John expanded his business, creating Fayerweather Sales and Marketing which acted as sales and marketing agent for the existing clients. The move enabled him to develop new relationships and services that would result in successes at major retail chains like Target and Costco. Always on the lookout for new business, John never met an opportunity he couldn’t seize or a pub he could pass by.

John is a co founder of S3 Consulting, which currently manages over 20 million dollars in sales in the B2B and retail markets. S3’s main focus has been the beer and beverage industry as well as working with fast food giants such as Wendy’s, Burger King, and Subway. Hey you gotta eat too after all.

At The Growler Station, John feels like he is right at home. Welcome home John. What took you so long? Oh, and by the way we’re watching you!

The Da Silva Brothers – Vice Presidents, Operations and Beer Guys

Brothers, Mark and Bill da Silva bring the perfect combination of business operations and craft brew creation to the table for The Growler Station. Wondering why we have the Irish guy selling the beer and the brothers making it? We could tell you but then we’d have to.., oh never mind. You’ll just have to trust us on this one, it works.

Mark is a true Brewmeister. He may have Vino in his heritage, but was born with beer in his veins. This guy is good. One taste of his product and you’ll see. While Mark gets the beer flowing, Bill keeps the operation running with smooth operations and dedicated customer care. When faced with business challenges, he always finds da Silva lining.

The brothers broke into the food and beverage industry at a young age, (oops, that might be the wrong way to put that), developing and owning multiple franchise concepts along the East Coast. They spent a good portion of that time operating Burger King franchises, and opened one of the first Kenny Rogers Roasters franchise locations in Connecticut.

In 1997, after honing their skills in the rough and tough franchise industry, the da Silva brothers opened the first of 5-branded restaurant and brewery concepts in Connecticut. While Bill took on the daily operations of the chain, Mark groomed his skills as Brew Master. Fast forward 14 years and their SBC Restaurant Group now has over 250 employees and is a staple in their home state. SBC brews a unique selection of proprietary beers in each location and develops over 40 selections per year. SBC’s beer is now also sold in retail chains throughout the state.

The brothers love and knowledge of the franchise business continues to expand. Bill currently owns and operates two Sports Clips franchise locations, with plan to open a total of 8 within the next two years. These are the only clip joints we know of where the customers come back for more. Mark and Bill also consult with various small to medium size restaurants along the East Coast, assisting in the development process from concept to completion. It seems as if they like to keep their friends close and their competitors closer…if you know what we mean.

Square M, Inc. – Web Presence

The Growler Station chose Square M, Inc. to manage all facets of web design, development and branding. Poised for rapid national growth, Square M has developed a proprietary platform to allow all Growler Station locations to efficiently and effectively deliver beer availability and related info to America’s craft beer enthusiasts.

Brian Kleps – PR and Wordmeister

Brian has over 25 years of experience in the world of media, having worked at a fortune 500 Consumer Products company, marketing agencies in New York and Connecticut, a digital direct marketing firm, as well as his own promotion consultancy he still operates.

He has been involved in the launch, on-going marketing and media strategies for a variety of companies, in a wide range of industries and will put that experience to good use for Growler Station.