Independence Brewing Co.


Brewery description

Starting a brewery, the idea sounded crazy to their family and friends back in 2001, but Amy and Rob Cartwright knew what they were up against. They knew the “big guys” brew millions of barrels a year, on automated equipment worth millions of dollars, with Super-sized advertising budgets. But Amy and Rob Cartwright had to brew beer, their own beer. And they had to share it withTexas. Years of research, planning, and fundraising culminated in October 2004 when Independence Brewing Co. opened its warehouse doors. Hand bottling, handcrafting tap handles and handcrafted beer ensued. Along with many sleepless nights a healthy dose of “What the hell are we doing?” But passion persevered, and little by little it began to come together. We have some new faces and have said some goodbyes, but the passion for beer has never waivered. And that is passion we instill in every bottle as it comes off the bottling line, into the box, onto the truck, into your local grocery store and in to your homes. We labor to produce our hand-crafted gift for Texas. We hope you enjoy it, Cheers!

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