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Black Hog Brewing Co.

Style: American Wheat Ale
Alcohol (abv): 4.7%
color (srm): 6 6
Bitterness (IBU): 12
suggested glass: American “Shaker” Pint glass_gold_shakerpint-icon.png
Food pairings: Salad, Sushi, Vegetable Dishes

Beer description

There are several definitions of the word swag; 1. stuff we all get 2. to top off / tie off 3. money a burglar lifts 4. slang to describe a person with swagger. our s.w.a.g is a refreshing american wheat ale with hints of citrus from fresh grapefruit peels and a light herbaceous pop from herbs we grow in our brewery garden boxes. grab a cold s.w.a.g, a lobster roll topped off with grated aged sheep’s milk bianco sardo and steal away some summer sun. this one is certainly something we all should get.


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