Cold Brew Coffee Kiosks

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Cold Brewed Coffee served through the Nitrogen infused tap process uses stout faucets to provide the pour with more stability and a longer shelf life by pushing oxygen out of the liquid. The overall process results in a brew with a creamier and thicker feel upon consumption.

Regular Cold Brewed Coffee
Regular cold brewed coffee pushed with Nitrogen at low pressure for a clean, crisp, low acidic iced coffee.

Nitro Coffee
Nitro cold brewed coffee pushed with Nitrogen at a high pressure with a stout faucet for a creamier, thicker presentation.

  • 23″ Commercial grade refrigeration
  • 14″ Stainless steel/insulated cylinder draft tower
  • 304 Stainless Steel Coffee faucet
  • Barrier type beverage tubing/Braided vinyl gas tubing
  • Cold air blower, keeps tap tower chilled
  • Built in Stainless Steel drip tray with external drain
  • Commercial grade Taprite nitrogen gas regulator
  • 304 Stainless “D” style keg coupler
  • Serving Options: Single Serving Cups & Growlers