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Georgetown Brewing Co.

Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol (abv): 5.2%
color (srm): 9 9
Bitterness (IBU): 38
suggested glass: Nonick Imperial Pint glass_gold_nonick-icon.png
Food pairings: Barbecue, Hamburger, Chicken, Nutty Cheeses (e.g. Parmesan – Asiago – Colby), Salad

Beer description

For normal people - Darn tasty beer. For beer lovers - A careful selection of Northwest hops, premium barley, and our unique yeast give this ale a rich and complex malty middle with a snappy hop finish. It's truly a micro that finishes crisp, clean, and smooth. For beer geeks - 2-row Pale, Caramel, and Cara-pilsner malt. Summit and Cascade hops. Original gravity 1.050 (13 Plato). Finishing gravity 1.010 (2.5 Plato). English Ale Yeast.


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